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  • LYNX Double Bearing Tail Pitch Slider Silver - 130X

LYNX Double Bearing Tail Pitch Slider Silver - 130X

Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned and improved upon the standard 130X plastic tail pitch slider, using a combination of 7075 aluminum alloy, low friction brass bushings and more robust linkages that comes fully assembled with spare parts.

The Pro Edition, as usual for Lynx represents the highest evolution in performance and quality.  The tail pitch slider was revised with tighter tolerances and ABEC5 double bearings to give you the best smoothest actuating tail pitch slider for the 130X.  In response to customer suggestions Lynx proudly introduces the Pro Edition tail pitch slider linkages.  To save you time and headache we have pre-assembled the linkages and pins at the factory.  We even include a spare set of linkages and pins to save down time after the eventual crash.

The tail pitch slider is one of the most critical components in any helicopter tail case.  In order to insure the best performance, lightweight, precision and smoothness the bearings and bushings were our primary focus during our redesign.
After extensive testing, Lynx specified double ABEC5 radial bearings and special low friction brass bushings to slide freely on the tail shaft.  No more tail jitters due to slow, sticky tail pitch sliders with loose fitment.

The tail pitch slider is factory assembled using dedicated equipment and expert staff with attention to detail in order to insure maximum quality and repeatability.

Details, design, strength, durability, precise CNC tolerances, fit and finish, and most importantly lightweight all contribute to increased tail response and insures precision tail holding ability while minimizing vibration flight after flight.  This is the perfect first upgrade that offers a big tail performance boost for every 130X.

- Direct fit replacement part for the standard 130 X tail pitch slider
- Preassembled with lubricated bearings
- Includes two spare linkages and pins
- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) assisted in achieving the most lightweight part with maximum strength.


Pro Edition Special improved Features:

- Revised dimensions, tighter tolerances for the best performance and no vibrations

- Highest quality radial bearings for the smoothest operation and greater wear resistance

- Easy to use / install (Ready to Fly) thanks to factory pre-assembly of pitch slider linkages and pins

- Extra set of linkages and pins for your convenience



- Main Body Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Silver anodized finish
- Bearing Material: Chrome Steel  –ABEC5 Precision Class
- Slide Bushing Material: Low Friction Brass alloy
- Tail Pins Material: SST
- Assembly weight: 0.62g

- 1 x 130X CNC Tail Pitch Slider - Silver - Factory assembly with Plastic Linkage (Ready to Fly)
- 2 x Tail Pins – extra spares

- 2 x Tail Plastic Linkage  - extra spares

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LYNX Double Bearing Tail Pitch Slider Silver - 130X

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