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  • RCD3063 Helicopter Optical Tachometer Magic Mirror

RCD3063 Helicopter Optical Tachometer Magic Mirror

RPM Measurement Range: 800~4200RPM
4-digit LCD screen display
Accuracy: +/- 1 RPM
10 Level aperture adjustment
Ultra-wide viewing angle
High-speed electronic shutter
Measurement remotely and non-contact
Simultaneous measurement of fivesets of RPM
Super bright and stroboscopiclight, which is suitable for dim indoor environment.
It can measure RPM for tinyobjects.
Shut off automatically after nooperation for 30 seconds.
Power supply: CR2032/LIR2032 button battery
Operating BatteryDrain: 3mA, Idle Drain: 10uA
Low Battery alarm
Weight: 40g

RPM main rotor measurement for allkinds of helicopters
Calibrate timing belt
The speed measurement of vehicleswith wheels
Dynamic balancing calibration forflywheels
Vibration frequency measurements

RCD3063 Magic Mirror Tachometer is a kindof synchronized tachometer,
it is an instrument applied human eyes’ persistence characteristic combined nowadays high technology-electronic shutter to realize static object photograph,
the appearance and design related to the product has been patented and copy right protected.
The synchronized measurement method won’tbe limited by the distance between the tachometer and the measured target,
it can measure RPM very precisely no matter the distance is more than 10 meters or tens ofmeters,
it can also measure RPM of the rotating tiny target so small as 5mm in diameter. That is to say,
it canmeasure any rotating target that displays on the viewing shutter.


The red button is not only a functionalbutton but also a button for power,
press down the red button under the stateof shut off, the tachometer is powered,
you can see the RPM data saved lasttime, press the red button, and five sets of latest RPM test data can be checked. As soon as it is switched,
P+ is displayed, and then the referenced RPM sets, for example: the first set is displayed P01,
the fifth set is displayed P05, so it is easy for RPM comparison between two or more than two targetobjects
Double pressed the red button, the high bright flash light turns on,
the numbers and characters on the screen is alsoflash displayed, the high bright flash light turns off when the red button is double pressed again.
Press the red button for over 2 seconds, it enters aperture setting,
+” indicates aperture increase, “-”indicates aperture decrease,
there are 10 levels of aperture from F1 to F10 for choice, the larger the number,
the more light can come through, customers can adjust the aperture and get the best measurement result according to the natural light of environment and the target speed.

Button“+”increases the setting RPM value, you can increase the setting RPM value quickly by long time pressing button “+”;
Button“-” decreases the setting RPM value,you can decrease the setting RPM value quickly by long time pressing the button “-”,
the set up number is displayed on the LCD screen at the same time.

As soon as the battery icon appears on the top right corner of the LCD screen,
it indicates the battery needs to be changed, One CR2032 is applied; under dim environments,
High flash performance can be achieved if LIR2030 battery applied.

The system will be shut off automaticallyafter 30 seconds of no operation.

Hold the device, observe the target through viewing shutter(for example: main rotor of helicopter),
adjust and set up RPM through button“+”and“-”,
when the set up RPM is less than the real RPM of the target,
you can see the main rotor rotating in the same direction on the viewing shutter,
the closer the RPM toreal RPM, the slower the main rotor rotates,
as soon as the set up RPM number equals the real RPM,
the main rotor on the viewing shutter is motionless and static,
and the read on the LCD screen is the present RPM of the main rotor.

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RCD3063 Helicopter Optical Tachometer Magic Mirror

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