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LYNX Plastic Main Blade 160 mm Orange - Pro Edition -180CFX

Lynx Heli Innovations are now producing high quality main blades!

Thanks the great field experience Lynx made with special edition and our continuously perfection research, we redesign the profile, the center of gravity position and we introduce with this new 160mm – 180CFX a new innovative co-polymer compound Plastic Carbon Fiber.

This new and High Performance material made the main blade more stiff (up 30% in longitudinal flex and 50% on torsion way), we promise incredible precise performance as or even better full Carbon Fiber Blade.

How a Plastic Carbon compound main blade can be better of Carbon Fiber blade?

The answer is based on 2 factors:

-        Flex rigidity compromise, in standard small heli sized carbon fiber blade is really hard to get the perfect compromise, however with our new compound we can mathematically dose the carbon fiber with very precise percentage to option the exact compromise, the best for a 180 CFX Heli.

-        Weight: Lynx Plastic Carbon Fiber Main Blade are heavy side compare standard plastic blade, but light weight side compare full carbon fiber blade.

Thanks to our expert plastics consultant, we have optimized the weight and the rigidity using an exotic carbon-plastic blend.
The blades features incredible material stability that guarantees constant blade shape (no warping), even with extreme weather conditions (very hot, very cold). The result is a stiff blade giving the best helicopter performance under all conditions at high RPM.

When flying the Lynx 180CFX blades on your helicopter, you will immediately see the precision of the rotor disc and the resulting accuracy and agility during flight. The new Carbon Plastic main blade we named “Ultimate Series” because really are the way to fly hard and high head speed.

For sure if you are looking on superior main blade performance, you know the limits of plastic main blade once high head speed is set.

Our design target was made 180CFX main blade that can bit the first edition style main blade, but the result surclass our expectation! All out beta tester confirmed with surprise that this new Plastic Carbon 180 CFX fly better than ever and better than Carbon Fiber one…

One more times Lynx redefine the standards with innovative products.



- Perfect tracking with high head speed.

- Incredible stability.

- Increased pitch and cyclic response.

- Increased efficiency

- "knife" precision in any 3D maneuvers

- Extreme crash and wear resistance.



- Carbon-Plastic Co-Polymer Compound.



- Main blade : 180CFX

- Blade length: 160 mm

- Average single blade weight: 6.8g



1 Set x 180CFX - Carbon-Plastic Main Blade - 160mm – Black

Color Note:

Black Color is the only available cause the high percentage of carbon fibers that pilot the plastic pigment. Other color was tested but the result is not acceptable for our quality standards.

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LYNX Carbon-Plastic Main Blade 160mm Black - 180CFX

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