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Lynx CF Main Blade 250 mm - FBL - 3D Edition (OXY 3)

Lynx Heli Innovations propose now the last Carbon Fiber family edition.
From the description you can easy understand our intent and result.
Main Blade Specifications:
- Optimized design and specification for FBL (Fly Bar-less System)
- New Airfoil profile design based over National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Mathematics
- New Center of gravity position to achieve the best compromise of precision and agility
- New Blade timing that assures the best blade efficacy with different head speed.
- Designed for insane 3D "work-out"
- New Painting schema optimized for the best rotor disc visibility.

Based on our flying experience and extensive test pilot program,
we have finally finalized our molds and commenced main blade production.

Our production happens in our own factories – from design,
mold production, blade production and QC. We have control over every step of the process.

Not all main blades are equal.
Small details can make a huge difference in the way a blade flies – even when using a modern fly bar-less system

Our blades are designed with the correct CG,
produced in high quality molds,
and then balanced and matched to achieve the maximum performance and the best flight characteristics possible.

In addition to performance,
Lynx researched blade color to give a unique and distinctive appearance to our blades.

Pure carbon fiber cloth – from Japan
Hi quality epoxy resin– from the USA

Main blade length: 250mm – Specifically designed for OXY 3 / 300 class Helicopters
Cord dimension: 26mm
Root Thickens: 5mm
Drag bolt hole diameter: 2mm
Average weight: 14.8g (single blade)

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Lynx CF Main Blade 250 mm - FBL - 3D Edition (OXY 3)

  • $26.99