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Tail Servo Step-Down Voltage is ideally designed to step-down a voltage source of 6 volts that is outputted from any external BEC (battery eliminator circuit) down to 5.2 volts. This allows an external 6 volt BEC to be used with Futaba servo models 9241. 9251. 9253. 9254. 9255. 9256 and other digital servos that are not capable of handling 6 volts. The Tail Servo Step-Down Voltage is equipped with male/female servo plugs and is ideally used in series with the RC modelÆs gyro and rudder servo to prevent any harmful damage or overloading to your servo. The Tail Servo Step-Down Voltage can also be used with any other applications that require a step down power voltage of approximately 0.8 volts

-Ultra compact step-down voltage regulator cable to reduce 6V sources to a safe 5.2V to the rudder servo.
-High power component to withstand current of up to 5 Amps continuous, 10 Amps peak.
-Prevents harmful damage and overloading to the digital rudder/tail servo.
-Easy installation.
-LED Indicator

Height: 4 mm
Width: 8 mm
Length: 12 mm
Weight: 4 grams

All Item's marked weight are including packing material.

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Western Robotics Tail Servo Step Down Voltage Regulator (LED Version)

  • $9.99