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Lynx Pro Edition Belt Conversion - Combo - 180CFX


Lynx Heli Innovations present the 180 CFX Tail Belt drive option – Pro Edition.
Our Pro Edition Tail Belt Drive is the result of many test...
A complete Tail Upgrade, from   Tail Boom Mount, Tail Boom and Tail Case.. because we really want the maximum form our and your 180CFX.
We choose 8.5mm diameter boom (7mm is the standard) and we made it by Carbon Fiber.
Tail Case have triple bearing support, with double bearing on the tail shaft output side, were have more stress. We add the tail belt tensioner to assure the perfect connection between belt and pulley, without the need of overload the belt.
 Tail Hub can use with any tail grip you like, standard or upgraded, but have 3mm set screw easy to service with normal tools, like a bigger heli size.
 We know that other simple system are possible to transform the 180 CFX in belt tail, because we try it and we will offer in the future as Sport Edition.
This full tail upgrade is for who of you really want smack the 180 very hard and don’t worry about the tail.
-          Tail Boom Clamp: Aluminum Alloy 7075 – Anodized mix with Carbon Fiber support.
-          Tail Boom: 3K Carbon Fiber
-          Tail Case: Aluminum Alloy 7075 – Anodized mix with Carbon Fiber support.
-          Optional Tail Servo Mount and Boom Clamp: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 – Anodized
-          Tail Boom Clamp: Composed by CNC Aluminum Parts and CF Plates for the ultimate rigidity and light weight. Easy install and service thanks multiple parts design.
-          Tail Boom: 3K Carbon Fiber - 8.5mm (1.5mm bigger in diameter compare the standard) - 0.5mm thick for the ultimate tail rigidity and crash resistance.
-          Tail Case: Triple Bearing Shaft support and Belt Pre-Tensioner pulley, for the ultimate tail performance and vibe suppression.
-          Tail Hub (universal tail grip useable) with standard 3mm set screw lock for the ultimate easier service and repair.
-          Optional Tail Servo Mount System, Standard 180 position or on Tail Boom.
-          Not Pre-Installed CF Tail Push rod for the easy final user set up (Standard or Boom position)
1 x Tail Boom Clamp Upgrade for 8.5mm CF Tail Boom
1 x Tail Case Triple Bearing Shaft Support and integrated Vertical Fin.
1 x Front Counter Shaft Gear / Pulley
1 x Tail Shaft Pulley
1 x Tail Hub with spacers and Set Screw M3 Lock
1 x Tail Push Rod Carbon and POM Support (Tail Push Rod not assembled)
1 x Tail Boom 3K Carbon Fiber 8.5mm Diameter
1 x Tail Servo Boom Support and Boom Clamp Support
1 x Tail Belt
 See User Manual for more information about this amazing product.

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Lynx Belt Conversion - Pro Edition Belt Conversion - Combo - 180CFX

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