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PROTOS 380 EVOLUZIONE (RED) KITS (Included Brain 2)

*With 21T pinion (5mm)

Brain 2 Mini Included
MSH Electronics has been hard at work innovating on the flybarless market for 5 years.  Brain 2 includes the latest industry leading advancements, in an incredibly small package optimized for the Protos 380.  Brain 2 includes features like a full rescue, logging capability, vibration analysis, event logging, world class governor, and more.  The Brain 2 software has a super simple software application making setup easy and intuitive.

Visit the Brain 2 Mini Product Page for more details

Frame Support frame made in xxmm carbon fiber, composite plastics and aluminum.
System transmission Twin belt drive system. 9mm gates main belt, 4mm tail belt
Main blades
385mm maximum
Battery Options LiPo from 3s to 6s.  Typical setup is 1300mah to 1800mah 6s (2200mah 6s max).
Battery compartment dimensions 24mmx33mmx100mm
Suggested battery Lipo 6s 1800mAh
Main rotor diameter 864mm (with 380mm blades)
Tail rotor diameter 181mm (with 67mm tail blades)
Total length without blades 800mm
Total length with blades 1003mm (with 380mm blades)
Main shaft diameter 6mm
Tail shaft diameter 5mm
Height 235mm
Swashplate servos 3x micro servos
Tail servo 1x micro or mini servo
Teeth pinion 21T(5mm) included (3.5mm hole: 14T, 16T, 18T, 8T, 19T, 20T(3.5mm) 5mm hole:20T(5mm), 22T, 23T optional).
Main pulley teeth 120T
Tail ratio 4.27:1
Tail boom diameter 17mm
Spindle diameter 5mm

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PROTOS 380 EVOLUZIONE (RED) KITS (Included Brain 2)

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