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YFS Screw M2.5X30 Hex - 10pcs

*M2.5X30 Hex - 10pcs

Maunfacture info.

Fang Sheng Screw Co., Ltd (YFS) is one of the world's largest manufactures of Socket screws. Founded in 1979, YFS offers a broad line of quality Socket products and services. YFS has grown into the world’s Premier global provider of valued-based Socket head products. YFS products are manufactured from high tensile Alloy Steel, Class 12.9 and ASTM A574 for industrial machinery, electric appliances, automotive vehicles and may other industrial products. YFS offers the highest quality fastener in the World, meeting all the manufacturing standards globally.

Our vision is to ALWAYS seek the best QUALITY, provide the best SERVICE to their customers and to protect the environment. Our management system is credited by ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 , ISO14001 and ISO 17025. YFS is the Premier global brand of high tensile SOCKET CAP SCREWS that are marketed GLOBALLY. 

YFS is specialized in the manufacturing of Alloy Steel Hexagon Socket Screws. Our outstanding product quality has been recognized by customers world-wide. We provide a full product range that gives our customers a one-stop shopping satisfaction. The main products we offered include : Hex Socket Cap, Flat Head Sockets, Shoulder Screws, Button Head Sockets, Hex. Heads, Socket SET Screws, conform to the International Standards - DIN/ISO/IFII/JIS. Besides, we? provide the customized special parts and automotive parts.

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OXY 5 Screw List
Type Spec QTY Use
Hex Cap M2*5 6 Tail Case
M2*6 8 Tail Grip Ball / Tail Link Control / Tail Bell Crank Plate / Servo Linkage Ball
M2.5*6 27 Tail Bell Crank / Front Pulley Guide Belt / Canopy Mount Female / Main Gear / Front Pulley Assembly / Jesus Pin
M2.5*8 16 Tail Servo Mount / Canopy Mount Plate
M2.5*12 4 Ele Servo
M2.5*18 4 Radius Arm
M2.5*30 1 Tensioner Assembly
M3*6 24 Tail Hub / Tail Fin / Main Frame / Landing Gear
M3*8 20 Main Frame / Boom Clamp Mount / Main-Grip-Arm / Motor Mount / Landing Gear
M3*10 6 Main Frame / Center Hug / Motor Mount
M3*14 4 Upper Bearing Block
M3*16  2 Tail Grip
M3*22 10 Bottom Frame
M4*8 4 Motor
M4*20  1 T-HUB
M4*27 1/3 Threaded 2 Main Grip
Button Cap M2*5 10 Upper Bearing Block / Swashplate
M6*10 2 Spindle Shaft
Flat Head M3*6 10 ESC Plate/Middle Plate/Landing Gear
M2.5*8 4 Battery Plate
Set Screw M4*3 1 Tail Shaft
M4*4 3 Tail Hub/Motor Pinion
M3*4 1 Quick Release Battery Pin
Lock Nut M4 3  
M3 2  

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YFS Screw M2.5X30 Hex - 10pcs

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