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TX16/16S M.O.D FLYSKY Hall Sensor Assembly Kit

With the mod offered here, you can easily attach the high-precision CNC milled metal FlySky digital hall (non-contact) gimbals to your TX16S/T16 radio.

With FlySky digital hall-effect gimbals you can dramatically improve the stick accuracy, temperature stability and sampling resolution of your radio.

Due to almost no wear of critical sensing elements, the non-contact hall gimbals have a longevity advantage over contact potentiometer gimbals.

FlySky digital gimbals differ from standard hall-effect gimbals, available from the original TX16S/T16 radio manufacturers,

by utilizing a 3D magnetic field sensing chip (Melexis MLX90393) instead of a simple analog hall-effect sensor per gimbal axis.

With FlySky gimbals you can put the temperature drift of a typical hall gimbal to the past, but still enjoy the robustness of a non-contact gimbal (when compared to e.g. RDC90 gimbals).

The FlySky digital hall gimbals are supported by EdgeTX. Support for OpenTX is also available in a developmental fork.

The kit includes:

* 3D printed adapter rings (2+2 parts)

* mounting screws and nuts

* cable harness

The adapter rings can be directly mounted on TX16S. On T16 you need to cut first two small studs (see image):

The FlySky digital hall gimbal is not included in this set. You need additionally either the FS-HZCZ03-ADJ or the FlySky Paladin gimbal set.

Please bear in mind that this product is a non-certified 3rd party accessory. We take no responsibility if you damage your radio by mounting or operating it.

T16S directly install.

T16need to cut away two small studs 


Flysky Hall Sticks Mod 


*********FS-HZCZ03-ADJ not including, ORDER HERE***********


***This product is a modified product, such as the user during the modification process,

Cause damage to the user's remote control, the user shall bear the risk

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TX16/16S M.O.D FLYSKY Hall Sensor Assembly Kit

  • Brand: Hawk Creation
  • Product Code: TX16-MOD
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  • $36.99

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