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FLYSKY Hall Sensor Assembly Kit FS-HZCZ03-ADJ

 The advantages of Hall Sensor compared to contact potentiometer (VR)


1. Effective stroke, general potentiometer or Hall effective stroke of direct voltage output is about 70%,

Will affect the resolution, this package can achieve close to 100 strokes, exhausting the accuracy of the analog signal/digital signal in the control

2. Customized OpenTX, designed by a player with a PhD in electronics (Participants in EdgeTX development)

3. It is Hall Sensor non-contact, long lasting

4. FLYSKY Hall Sensor assembly is factory calibrated for linearity and temperature compensation

Product Model: FS-HZCZ03-ADJ 

Sensor Type:Hall

Working Voltage: DC 3.3V

Resolution: 4096

Linearity: 0.5us

Adjustable range of mechanical stroke: 38°—54°

Humidity Limit: -10℃—60℃

Dimensions: 53*50*26.5mm

Weight: 71g

*********TX16/TX18S M.O.D FLYSKY Hall Sensor Assembly Kit not including, ORDER HERE***********



***This product is a modified product, such as the user during the modification process,

Cause damage to the user's remote control, the user shall bear the risk

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FLYSKY Hall Sensor Assembly Kit FS-HZCZ03-ADJ

  • Brand: Hawk Creation
  • Product Code: FS-HZCZ03-ADJ
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  • $139.99